5 Holiday Gifts That Make Senior Living Easier

Transitioning your mom or dad into an assisted living or retirement community is never easy. You have the best intentions at heart, but sometimes they may not see it that way, and it could take a little convincing for an easier adjustment. With the holidays right around the corner, here are the top 5 gifts you can get your parent that will help them enjoy senior living that much more.
Talking alarm clock

No matter how old you are, getting out of bed can be hassle, but it’s much easier when you have someone hassling you. If your parents are struggling with their vision, there’s no need for them to strain their eyes with this talking alarm clock from Senior Superstore. It features a voice time and temperature reader and allows you to choose whether you want the time/temperature announced when you touch the clock, if you want an hourly announcement throughout the day or if you want it on a 16-hour schedule (7 am to 10 pm).

Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle can be a senior’s new best friend. These compact and easy-to-read devices are extremely portable and are perfect to help keep ensure your parents’ minds stay sharp. They can hold up to 3,500 books with a simple download, so as long as they have internet access, you won’t have to worry about a trip to Barnes & Noble each time they need a new read.   The Kindle is easy on the eyes; you can read it in the bright sunlight, and it doesn’t stress your eyes out like a computer screen does.

Lighted reading glasses

To further prevent parents from over-straining their eyes while reading, lighted reading glasses from LightSpecs are a great investment. These lightweight reading glasses feature small lights that focus light in the direction you are looking. The replaceable batteries are also equipped to last up to 50 hours.

Golf cart

Maintaining mobility is critical for assisted living or senior care, and golf carts are an excellent way to do that. If the community is in a subdivision like area with interconnected roads, shops and restaurants, golf carts are a great solution if they’re too far to walk. Road Rat Motors has a great selection of golf carts that are street legal, and they can double to be used for the golf course, too. These are also all electric, so with a simple charge, they’re ready to go, and you won’t need to make a trip to the gas station. While some of the prices may be a little out of reach, you could chip in as a whole family, and it’ll sure to be something they won’t forget.

Bath towel warmer

There’s nothing better than a warm towel fresh out of the dryer, and with a bath towel warmer, they can have that feeling every time. This is ideal warming your bones immediately after a nice warm bath or steam shower, especially in areas up north prone to colder temperatures.  The towel rack is also within arm’s reach of the bathtub or shower, so there’s no excess maneuvering that could result in slips or falls.

What are some other great ideas you have for gifts to make senior living a little easier?

About the Author: Kelsey Bohannan is a freelance writer who writes for the marketing agency 352 Media Group and has a passion for helping seniors.

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